Advantages of GoDaddy Hosting


GoDaddy is one of the biggest web services companies in the world.  Where the GoDaddy is actually a domain registrar number, but provides a wide range of services from web hosting to website builders accounting to email to digital storage and even for online security and many more. So, GoDaddy have super Bowl ads which helps in boosting their brand awareness and their strategy has created many confusions around the company what the company does and their offering to the customer base. GoDaddy has many advantages why people should purchase domains from this website.

GoDaddy is very cheap

The GoDaddy plan is very cost effective at the price $7.99/ month at renewal and everytime the company gives coupons for longer period and also the price can be pushed down to $1 per month.  Actually, GoDaddy are not good at hosting, but they are using the capital and market presence for pushing down the prices.

GoDaddy Gives Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the important factor needs to be considered for people when they visit the site for once.  Some web hosts will control your bandwidth when you get the tsunami of traffic from CNN or Reddit. Also, some shared hosting company will limit your features in some way which can limit your storage, databases, email or your bandwidth. So, people should go with GoDaddy limits plans rather than bandwidth.

GoDaddy offers Quality WordPress Auto-Install

GoDaddy has got the best services for installing WordPress and helps everyone who are worried about FTP, database names, security and it can be done correctly. So, auto-installing WordPress in GoDaddy is very easy. All they have to do is just go the purchase hosting of WordPress then open your hosting account and select auto-install by following few procedures. Even the company offers a separate WordPress Hosting product which is a bit expensive, but offers auto-upgrades, security monitoring and other benefits.

GoDaddy Offers Scale and Resources

Just like hosting companies, even GoDaddy has issues with security. They represent a huge target to takedown especially when political controversy erupts. So, GoDaddy has the scale and resources which can take care of the security problems which smaller hosts can’t  work with. Also, GoDaddy has policies which can keep them out of spam and the attacks. Even if they have purchased the Sucuri and Sitelock that are the major Companies in the web security world.

GoDaddy Has Phone Support and Little down time

Nowadays, GoDaddy has improved their customer service under the new CEO of the company and also set directions for the customer support which offers 24/7 phone support which is not common among many hosting companies.

Well, GoDaddy has better hosting services with the lower price web hosting and also integrates well with the domain names. So, in case people are planning for hosting then GoDaddy web Hosting for WordPress can be best services they can get.


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