Cheap Destination to Travel in 2020

Cheap Destination to Travel in 2020

January 1, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Finding a cheap destination to travel is a little hard. But you don’t have to worry about that, as we have provided a list that has a few affordable destinations which you can visit. Quite a considerable number of people flock to these destinations every year, and they have a great time in their lives. We hope that you will do the same as well. So, check the provided list down below.

Cheap Destination to Travel in 2020:

Merida, Mexico:

Look no further than Merida, Mexico, if you are looking for an extremely cheap place to fly. Merida is Mexico’s largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula. This location is about three and a half hours west of Cancun, making it a popular alternative to the more expensive coastal destinations.

You can catch one of Mexico’s reliable ADO busses from Cancun and take you to Merida at a very affordable price. Upon arrival, you will find that nearly everything is cheap in this sprawling colonial area.

Columbo, Sri Lanka:

Colombo should be on everyone’s pin map when thinking about cheap places to visit in the Region. Sri Lanka’s de facto Commercial Capital has been out of the Tourists radars for ages because it was not well advertised as a place to travel in, and because of a destructive war that took the entire country to close as a vacation spot.

Colombo is a city of tall buildings that alter the entire skyscraper. The recent opening of the Lotus Tower, South Asia’s highest building, has made Colombo grow more prospective.

Tbilisi, Georgia:

Tbilisi, Georgia, is one of Europe’s most accessible tourist capital cities. An abundance of budget-friendly restaurants and cafés, free walking tours, and ticket-free attractions, which ranges from a fortress of the 4th century to modern art spaces, make Tbilisi suitable for expensive travelers.

Along with that, unique experiences such as the sulfur baths are also quite cheap as well. You can find a comfortable private bathroom for under $25 per user.

Hoi An, Vietnam:

Hoi An certainly isn’t the cheapest place in Vietnam, but it comes in as highly affordable on a global scale. The UNESCO listed Old Town and beautiful countryside as a holiday destination with beaches, it has to be one of the cheapest in the world. Street food will set you back under $1-but you’ll need to know where to go and have some travel smarts. Restaurant meals will cost you a little more, but if you go to the right places to avoid tourist traps.

So, these are some of the cheap destinations to travel in 2020. The places that are named here are just a few among hundreds of other sites. We hope that the provided list has been of help to you.