Pure VPN Pros and Cons


When you look for a VPN application in the market today then you are familiar with the name PureVPN. It has established as one of the most valued and important VPN services providers after its establishment in 2006 in Hongkong. In the early years it was a small company but it kept on improving its services and its products that is survived and thrive in the internet and VPN industry. It attracted a large number of users from all over the globe and also has major clients from big industries like finance and banking, Information and Technology and Computing etc. So it can be concluded that the services is not limited to public but also it is made for big companies. We have prepared this article so that we can give you an idea about the pros and cons of using PureVPN so  you can decide it for yourself.

The Pros

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The Interface 

PureVPN is known to have a very clean and intuitive interface. It all starts from the website, payment, and download which lacks in most of the VPN services providers that are available in the market today. The icons are bright and the UI developers have done a good job in the color department as the colors have adjusted well.

Speed & Device Support

It is claims to be the world fastest VPN service providers in its homepage. It has maintained about a latency rate from 80 to 120 ms in most cases and if it compared to other service providers it is quite good. Although there are many factors that can affect like local internet speed and locations of servers. It is to be noted that all PureVPN supports a wide range of devices like MacOs, Linux, Windows and Android , iOS supported devices.

Wide Range Of Servers Locations

It can boast of having the most number of servers location that a VPN service can have as there are servers located in more than 140 countries around the globe but it fails to provide any raw number of servers.

The Cons

We don’t like speaking cons about the services offered by PureVPN as it is an amazing VPN but nothing is built perfect so let’s look at the cons of it.


Pricing can be one of the most important factor when choosing a VPN service and in this case, PureVPN is a bit expensive in this case as it cost about 10.5 $ per month but that could be reduced if you choose a yearly billing period. Users can save up to 50% when choosing yearly billing plan.

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Additional Ons

Add Ons are the hidden services that a company charges for a more tailored experience and PureVPN charges a user 2$ for every add ons. The Add ons can be NAT firewall, Dedicated IPs etc.


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