Searching for Web Hosting and Free Domains


The truth is, when it comes to researching a online hosting company where do you go? There’s more of less more than a million to choose from. So I’ve decided to report the best of the best and talk about the companies that charge more! So I’ve started a website.

Now when doing research for the words internet hosting and getting a free domain or “free webname for life” you need to be cautious. Not much in life is ever really free, there is in most cases a price for everything. Although lets be fair there are loads of great internet hosting companies that offer domains for free and also offer outstanding deals. But there are also quite a few web hosting companies that offer web hosting and free domain services but in reality they charge a lot more than the competition. So as you can sort of tell web hosting and free domain can end up being quite a task.

So we decided to search for a website that could show us where we can find the best deals. Unfortunately though after having quite hard time finding anything I decided to make my own blog to help others find web hosting and a free internet name. It’s taken quite a while to test out the best but we do have some great reviews and all the names of the companies that are worth joining. Although our search for a real web company seems to really be impossible there are places you can go to get a domain.

Matt Cunningham is an professional in the area of helping people find domains and frequently searches web companies to find the best deals. You can read more about web hosting and free domain at his website


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