Top Home Decor Courses Online

Top Home Decor Courses Online

May 5, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Interior designing is getting quite a lot of attention these days, as more and more students are moving towards this profession. And if you are someone who is aiming to learn interior designing from the comfort of your home, then don’t worry, we got you covered. We have shared a list of some of the best online courses on interior design, and we hope that these would be helpful to you. So, check the list below and start learning the desired course.

Top Home Decor Courses Online:


DecoratingStudio does not have the best decor on the internet, but it definitely has some great content to decorate your house. It contains online courses on the text and image-based interior design, with no registration necessary. Including choosing a color scheme to find the right furniture, and from treating windows to building a beautiful guest suite, you’ll learn everything. Also, each part of the course contains some simple exercises to help you think about the material and encourage it to sink a bit deeper. With these courses for beginners in interior design, you can understand the fundamentals before immersing yourself in something a little more in-depth.

MIT OpenCourseWare:

Which better way to benefit from a prestigious university than interior design? Also, if you are unable to join the MIT physically, you can always take advantage of its free OpenCourseWare class based on design concepts. It is a perfect starting point for those wishing to brush up on their knowledge of basic concepts of design. It explains different subjects in presentation, lighting, design context, and more. Although it’s not a free online course in interior design that comes with a credential, it still provides useful knowledge for the aspiring designer.

Coco Kelly:

Coco Kelley is a stunning alternative if you’re looking for beautifully crafted inspiration, rather than step-by-step tutorials or introductory courses. Spend a couple of minutes here, and you are sure to come up with some great ideas for your own house. This platform is of particular benefit to those who want to visually study interior design. The blog tours beautifully designed houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and more from all over the world, using stunning imagery to tell the story of each of the case studies. Learn how to decorate your own home with the helpful DIY design tips when you’ve gained ample inspiration from these posts.

If you are really keen on learning about Home décor, then these would be the perfect courses for you. We hope that this would be of help to you.