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picture taken by Ariel Efron


Daniel Davidovsky (aka 6dozen)

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1965.

I've studied education in the
Buenos Aires University and privately studied saxophone.
In 1989 immigrated to
Israel and studied music in Rimon music school and multimedia programming in Atid academy. Since 1993 I live in Tel Aviv.

I was a member of the experimental rock band ‘The Unnecessary Revolution’ where I played saxophone, clarinet, original wind instruments, samplers and computer.

In the last two years I was editing, composing and producing music for various dance choreographers such as Ilanit Tadmor, Ruby Edelman, Idit Nordfer, Aviv Eveguy and more.

Together with Eran Zachs I had curated the series called ‘Ex-Central Station’ in Tel Aviv that concentrated in experimental music and video art giving emphasis to new technologies.

About one year ago, I teamed up with Adaya Godlevsky, harp player and actress, and funded Insay, where we investigate spontaneous composition and improvisation between harp, voice and digital sound process.