A2 Web Hosting Review

A2 Web Hosting Review

May 30, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

A2 Web Hosting has been known for its reliable web hosting services for quite a long time. Their web hosting plans come with a lot of benefits and the plans available with them are quite cheap as well. Along with that they also provide you with a money-back guarantee. So down below we have provided a few features of A2 Hosting and hopefully, these would be of help for you.

A2 Web Hosting Review:


A2 Hosting has something called the “Guru Team.” The team is nothing but A2 Hosting’s customer service team. They called it as such because the workers are very experienced and have a lot of experience along with that. If you are having any problems then just contact them and they will fix your problems without delay.


All of A2’s plans offer free SSL certificates. They have developed a Perpetual Safety program alongside that and this one goes above and beyond to keep the site secure. Despite this, your account also has a free security HackScan, which operates 24/7 to avoid an attack on your site. A2 Hosting Perpetual initiative needs a whole lot of other measures and the virus scanning initiative should expect more exceptional material.


A2 Hosting records 99.90% uptime, which translates into the downtime of just under nine hours a year. The provider actually did much better with a total uptime of 99.95 percent from what we saw. Those are impressive figures considering that it is difficult to achieve an uptime of 100 percent and no hosting company can guarantee this.

Site Speed:

While choosing a hosting provider, keeping in mind the load speed of a site is very important. This is really critical because if it takes longer than three seconds to load the page more than half of the users to your site will leave. To ensure easy Cloudflare configuration from your cPanel control panel is supported by A2 Hosting. It was also noticed that A2 Hosting’s website speed is about 317ms, which easily positions this web host among the world’s top 5 web hosts.

So, those were some of the best features of A2 web hosting. But that’s not all as A2 hosting has a lot of other features as well. The shared web hosting plans available with A2 web hosting are quite cheap and so the other types of hosting that are available with them. We hope that the provided information about A2 web Hosting has been of help to you.