Advantages of Scala VPS Hosting

Advantages of Scala VPS Hosting

April 28, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Scala hosting is a hosting website that is used to host your website. It provides excellent features, better performance, and attractive prices. That is why it is known as all in one package. Scala hosting company enables you to use every power of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) solution. This site is like a gem of web hosting. It comes for Dallas, Texas with scalable hosting plans, that is why the name is Scala. It works from simple hosting to advanced managed VPS solutions. Scala Hosting has two data centers: one in Dallas and another is in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A virtual private server is like a virtual machine that is sold by the web hosting company. A managed VPS hosting is the best hosting as it is reliable and secured hosting for your website.  If your website has sensitive data or other data which you do not want to share with the hackers then you should not go for traditional hosting.

Scala hosting Comes with three types of hosting:

  1. Classic shared hosting
  2. Managed VPS
  3. Self-Managed Hosting

Shared hosting is used when the website is small or medium-sized, not too big and for the personal blogs and the business page which are more advanced. For all of these shared hosting is preferable.

VPS is used for big sites like e-commerce sites and content portals. With the help of VPS it is easy to manage the site as it can handle a heavy traffic and a lot of visitors on the site. Managed VPS hosting is the best feature of Scala hosting as it handles all the technical aspects to keep your server fully optimized and you do not face any issue while running the website.

Managed VPS hosting : It will soon replace the shared hosting and dominate the hosting world as it is safe, reliable and easy to use. The data is highly optimized and secured, so you need to worry about being hacked. Shared hosting is risky as it shares the data publicly with hundreds of users. This is the reason it is cheaper and you will not have private resources or any privacy of data. This can even lead to hacking. All these problems can be fixed by managed VPS hosting which depends on one server machine. A large number of servers work as one and store a large amount of data.

Self-managed Cloud VPS Hosting: Now, coming to self-managed VPS hosting, this one provides the user quite a bit of flexibility. Such that, the user can choose the number of CPU cores, number of RAM or the amount of SSD storage space he/she needs. Or if the user wants, then they can tweak all the three as well. 

But on the basic side, the Self-managed Cloud VPS will provide the users with four different plans. These plans are Start, Advanced, Business and Enterprise and are available at $10.00, $19.00, $33.00, $49.00 per month respectively. The users will also receive a certain amount of CPU core, RAM and free SSD storage but that would vary from plan to plan.

Scala hosting focuses mainly on managed cloud VPS. They have super offers for both managed VPS hosting and self-managed VPS hosting. Cloud VPS hosting is super safe, secured, solid, reliable, and flexible. On-demand they provide quick access to different resources like HDD space, CPU cores, RAM, extra network speed, SSD space, bandwidth, etc. Scala hosting does not charge for the migration and control panel. They can migrate your website to the cloud server without any charges. They have their own control panel known as SPanel which is developed by them only. It is all in one which a website owner requires. This control panel is fully compatible with Cpanel.

Cloud VPS hosting is the future of web hosting. The main focus will be on fully managed cloud VPS hosting which is mainly for the people who are not much technically sound. But those who are like experts in technical bases can go for self-managed VPS hosting as it is not much costly and easily affordable. Those who are technically sound opt for the fully managed VPS hosting so that experts can host their websites, comes with different packages at flexible rates. You need to choose one and they will do the rest.