E-Gold Payments form
      You can join HardLola with EGOLD, and you'll really get a noticeable economy using E-Gold.
With E-Gold, you don't have to pay regular transaction fee like in a most famous billing systems!
  In addition, you also get 10% discount!
  For example, membership costs $49.95.
  If you pay by credit card, you pay $49.95 + transaction fee $7.95 = $57.90.
  But if you pay with E-Gold, the price would be $49.95 - 10% = $44.95. Therefore, you save $12.95!

Then discount is:
  • You don't pay $7.95 transaction fee !
  • You get 22% discount for membership !
  So, if you're ready to go step by step, let's do it!

  • First of all you should get your personal E-Gold account HERE.
  • Then use your VISA, MasterCard or any other credit card you're usually using for on-line payments and buy e-gold. You can buy E-Gold by VISA or MASTERCARD here or here
  • Also you can Online Exchange E-Bullion, GoldMoney, INTGOLD, EGSC, NETPAY, Pecunix, 1mdcm, MoneyGram or WesternUnion here -
  • Find out how to enrich your account here.
  • You can find the list of exchange servers where you can transfer money to your E-Gold account . Most of them accept money transfers.
  • Now you have some money on your e-gold account and can pay for a lot of web-services including our membership.
  • In MEMO section please write your E-MAIL address - We will send you ACCESS to our members area(URL, LOGIN, PASSWORD)
Membership Price: $44.95


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