Best Architects In The World

Best Architects In The World

September 15, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Architecture is one of the spontaneous mixtures of art, culture, engineering and legacy. There are many distinguished architectures presents around the world which are historic which are kept preserved and new age structures which are made with advancement technology and engineering. As we all know there are hundreds and thousands of structures and monuments present all over the world which are made by famous architects. So, in this article we will name some of the best architects world who has build great architectures. Let us know all about them below:

13 Best Architects of All Time and Their Greatest Buildings

  • Antoni Gaudi:

Locates in the heart city of Barcelona, Spain Antoni Gaudi is a famous architecture who has built many famous architectures in the city. One of his famous structure which is the 1883 cathedral popularly known as La Sagrada Familia which is still under construction today. He has unique style of building architecture’s ornate mix of Baroque, Gothic, Moorish and Victorian elements which is most commonly used in ornaments artwork. As we are in the notice that La Sagrada Familia is still under construction, the popular artwork od Antoini Gaudi will be remembered for decades and generations yet to come.

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  • Philip Johnson

The founding director of department of architect in the country he resides, he has been able to achieve architectural trends since 1935 onward. He has created many popular architectures which includes popular buildings, monuments, natural landscapes and many more. One of his popular advancements in his designs is the glass house, it’s a concept which has many boundaries’ and no boundaries’ as well. It dissolves the boundaries’ between inside out, public and private. On the other hand, as this is located between the green forest you can also experience tress, landscapes and many more with an open sky at the top as well.

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Overall, there are many other best architects world present there as well, to know more kindly follow our blog frequently and we will list out more articles based on other famous topics as well.

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