Best Architects of All Time

Best Architects of All Time

October 1, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

Are you looking for the names of some of the best Architects of all time? Well, we have compiled a list that contains some of the famous names from the world of architecture. These people have made some of the best pieces of architecture that you can see all around the world, and we are hoping that the provided list will be of help to you. So, check the list down below.

Best Architects of All Time:

Frank Llyod Wright:

A native of Wisconsin, Wright, is revolutionizing the architect of the 20th century, and his midwestern heritage has played a crucial role in defining his sensibility. Inspired by the low-lying houses that dotted the American plains, Wright developed the Prairie House style as a response to the prevalent Victorian aesthetic that stressed dark decoration, and busy interior and exterior embellishments. Wright used clean geometries in its place, with an emphasis on horizontal planes.

Philip Johnson:

Johnson’s position as the founding director of MoMA’s Architectural Department had a huge influence on the industry, making him a gatekeeper who helped shape architectural trends from 1935 onwards. He was also a designer in his own right, but it is safe to say he was more of a refiner of the designs of others than an innovator. Nevertheless, in a variety of cases, his work gained iconic status, most notably in the residence he designed in 1949 for himself. The house is a distillation of the style of Mies Van der Rohe, and in reality, Johnson himself noted it was “more Mies than Mies.” A transparent box set with exquisitely landscaped landscapes.

Richard Rogers:

When the Pompidou Center opened its doors in 1977, it was considered at the time the epitome of a movement known as High Tech and Structural Expressionism. The British architect Richard Rogers was a prominent supporter of the style. Planned as the central institution for modern and contemporary art in Paris, this building suggests a structure turning inside out, with its heating and plumbing systems worn as the facade — which also features a glass-enclosed outdoor escalator ascending the building’s height.

Antoni Gaudi:

Gaudí spent his entire career in Barcelona constructing all his designs, the most prominent of which is the cathedral known as La Sagrada Familia in 1883, which is still under construction today. His design was an ornate mixture of Baroque, Gothic, Moorish and Victorian elements that often featured ornamental tilework, drawing on forms found in nature — an influence that can be seen in the tree-like columns that hold the vast interior of his church, as well as the undulating façade of another of his famous creations, the apartment block known as Casa Milla.