Best Architects to Hire in Bangalore

Best Architects to Hire in Bangalore

August 7, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

Bangalore is the home to top class interior designers and architects in India. Overflowing with people from different places, societies, conventions and customs, Bangalore has seen an uncontrolled IT unrest as well as a radical structure upheaval. Cottages, Residential buildings, space style condos, manors and the sky is the limit from there – each space is being planned remembering the necessities of current people who are much the same as present day way of life, endeavoring sufficiently hard to bring home the bacon in the midst of such a hustled lifestyle.

All things considered, on the off chance that you are new here and searching for a customized space, connect with the absolute best architects in Bangalore who, with all of their efforts could offer wings to your dreams. And for this we are getting you with details of best architects bangalore, that will help you get what you are thinking of

1. Inform Architects

Inform Architects is an award winning design firm that takes up high tech sustainable projects. They offer both Commercial as Well as Residential Services. Also they are proud to have 55 awards to their kitty. Interiors designed by Inform Architects speak of it’s eternal glory. Check out the photos from their two residential ventures namely K.S Residence and R Residence.

2. Kamat and Rozario Architecture

A joint venture of Smruti Kamat and Lester Rozario, Kamat and Rozario Architecture is a versatile architectural firm that deals in architecture, interior design and furniture design. Also they have a number of awards to their name. Few of their popular projects are- Hazel Penthouse, Stack House, House 328 and Sharma House.

3. DePanache Interiors

DePanache is an interior design consultancy dealing in Residential, Commercial and Healthcare projects. The innovative architects believe in building sustainable, environment friendly homes. Check out their interior projects here- Raghu Acharya Residence, VRR Mock up Apartments, Villa at Bhadravati and Villa at Thiruvanmalai.

4. Living Edge Architects and Designers

A young and promising design firm dealing with modern projects with clean and minimal ornamentation, Living Edge Architects and Designers are newbies in the town. Yet their design sense and creativity are par-excellence. Check out the photos of their residential projects- Dr. Thomas’ Residence and Penthouse Interiors in Bangalore.

These are the four best architects bangalore that will help you get your dream house get ready as per what you guys have thought of. In case you have any doubts or suggestions for us then feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading!