Best Body Weight and Workout Apps for Android

Best Body Weight and Workout Apps for Android

March 21, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Everyone says that the technology has made the human lazy, but there are many gadgets and apps which are available these days to make you work for your fitness. Finding a good bodybuilding app can help you improve outputs from your workout schedule by a huge amount depending on the various different options present in the app. Some apps can be used to handle your workout data while other apps help you to plan your weight lifting schedule effectively or give you recommendation on your nutritional intake. So give up your boring workouts and get these best workout apps android application and sweat thoroughly.


This app is kind of mix between a social media app and a collection of different types of workout videos and tips for bodybuilding. The major point of this best workout apps android app is that it provide its own free social network which can be accessed through their official website, giving the user to track their exercise routine and connect to other fitness freaks like them for inspiration and motivation.

BodyWeight – Your own Gym

This app is dedicated to help the bodybuilders to get fit when they are not able to get to the gym or are not near to their gym equipment.

Various individual sequences and exercises are provided in this app for the user to make them focus on using your own body weight for resistance with complete descriptions and videos related to these exercises on offer explaining the correct way of each exercise.

Elite Interval Training

It is an app best suited for fitness enthusiasts which always want to get their gym timing structured in a way that not even a single second get wasted of their timings between sets of exercises. In this app you can create your own exercise session by adding the kind of workout you do in the gym.

BAU5 Workout

BAU5 is a fitness app designed by keeping in mind those people who want to focus more on weight training. The major advantage of these app is that it provides you the steps or instruction on how to perform the lifts properly and creates a series of sets based on their body type and the history of workout of the user.


It is one of the most popular bodybuilding and workout app available both for Android and iOS. There is a massive collection of planned routines and exercises depending on the variety of fitness level. Even one can create and share its own custom workout plan with other through its mini social network.

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