Best Interior Design School in The World

Best Interior Design School in The World

October 5, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

Interior designing is quite a good career. There are quite a lot of architecture schools that teach interior design, and if you are looking for such kinds of schools, then you are in the right place. Down below. We have compiled a list of some of the best interior design schools in the world, and we are hoping that the provided list will be of help to you.

Best Interior Design School in The World:

The Interior Design School, London:

The design school tutoring is based in the northwest of London to mimic a real-life design studio so that the students are given the requisite skills to succeed in the real world. Freehand is compared to the machine before the program ends. The curriculum is closely monitored to ensure that the educational quality is up to the level of everyday success and to keep a check on the specifications of the leading organizations in interior design. The lectures are given in small briefs to be worked out and planned by the student, while at the same time completing their projects and keeping the high-level companies on the market.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY:

The number 2 position is assigned to the Pratt Institute, with 93% of students successfully finding work placements as soon as they graduate. The motto of PI is “Put your passion to work,” which reflects the ongoing commitment of all those involved in the school to help the students achieve their full potential with dedication and hard work. Accredited by the Council of Interior Design (CIDA), the school’s flagship degree, Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.F.A in interior design is. The faculty is packed with well-done professionals who encourage the students to turn their passion into meaningful works of art.

Rhode Island School of Design:

RISD is based in Providence, offering a vibrant art scene, and in the middle are the cultural hubs of Boston and New York. The school offers both bachelor’s and postgraduate courses. The course of interior design is divided into three main focus areas, theatre, show, and retail, and lets the students specialize in all three required programs. RISD is renowned for accentuating the skills required to apply in the real world. The school also helps to develop teamwork skills and communication skills, thus helping each person to grow creatively and become socially and environmentally aware for better results.

So, these are the best interior design school in the world that you can choose if you are planning to choose the interior design as a career. We hope that the provided list has been of help to you.