Best Lifestyle Apps in 2020

Best Lifestyle Apps in 2020

January 15, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

There are quite a lot of apps out there that help one to save time efficiently. These apps are designed in such a way that they help you in avoiding perils. But you might think that they are expensive, well, to be honest for some of them you need to pay, but there are a few that are free. So, here we have provided a list of some apps that would make your life easier. Well, check the list of the best lifestyle app in 2020.

Best Lifestyle Apps in 2020:


This App for Apple devices is a to-do guide for life’s positive stuff. It lets you get going with pre-configured to-do things like “Eat fruits and vegetables,” “Write in my journal,” and the elusive “Inbox Zero.” You can customize any other healthy habits you want and set timescales for each of them: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


Track multi-phase projects with this freemium service-for yourself or a small team. You can build boards with columns for various project phases, such as “Brainstorm,” “Consolidate Feedback,” and “Signoff,” and then build cards for specific tasks or project pieces, such as “Develop a marketing strategy.” As research progresses, you can move items from column to column and delegate team members to different project sections. The free tier at Trello offers plenty for individuals and small teams.


This freemium software is close to the famous Microsoft To-Do and incorporates some cool power features. Chief among them: it combines a single GUI with your phone’s calendar that displays all appointments and things. Any. Do provides subscription plans starting at $60 a year, offering features such as daily alerts, location-based alerts, efficiency reports, and business device integration.

Rescue Time:

Using Rescue Time, and you’ll get a clear rundown of how well your waking hours are handled. The free software records the applications you use, as well as the places you visit on your computer or smartphone — assigning them to categories like Design & Composition or Social Networking. The smartphone app records the number of times you pick up your handset, too. A premium edition includes certain extras, including reminders, after you have spent a certain amount of time in one device.

Well, you can just download these apps and get started with using the as soon as possible. And we are hoping that the provided has been of help to you.