Best Online Stores Home Décor for Vintage Décor


Decorating homes with vintages items has been a practice that has been done by people since way back. But the question arises when we try searching for such items. So, we will be providing you with a list of such kind of online stores that deal in vintage Home décor. We hope that the stores mentioned in the store will be of help to you and will be able to find some exceptional home décor ideas on these stores.

Best Online Stores Home Décor for Vintage Décor:

The Décor Kart:

The Decor Cart is one of India’s best online antique home décor shops. Founded in 2015, The Decor Cart also has its countrywide offline store. The online shop masters it with the amalgam of new elements in the retro decor. It contains, as the firm says, the exclusive and best of the decor. The online shop has the best artworks inspired by the Vintage period. You’ll also get the best of the online store’s antique decor along with it.

Home Centre:

Home Centre is one of India’s top-rated home furnishing retail outlets. It has a large collection of furniture and classic, antique, and vintage home décor. It is one of the best vintage home decor online stores to shop for. This will help you add the perfect look to your home. Each piece available at the Home Centre is of the highest quality and manufactured according to Indian homes. From antique wooden lamps to trendy pieces of art, you’d get all the home decor things that would be enough from here for your antique theme.


Established as one of India’s best online furniture and decor shops, Pepperfry started in 2011. The company based in Mumbai has a wide range of furniture and decoration, including vintage home decoration. From abstract vintage furniture to retro antique, at the best price, the online shop has it all too. Pepperfry has its offline stores called Pepperfry Studios, where you can take a look at all the furniture and accessories and then place your order from their online shop to get the full discount. Pepperfry discount coupons can also be used to get good savings & cashback too.

These are some of the famous online websites that you can visit and get your hands on some vintage home décor. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you. For further information, do leave your queries below.


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