Elements of Interior Design

Elements of Interior Design

April 30, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

The problem with the Interior design is that many people confuse it with interior decoration. Interior design is indeed a science that has its own elements and principles for decorating the home. In addition to enhancing the appearance of a room, getting these elements to work together for increased functionality. So, interior design will assess the room according to interior design elements for enhancing the various features and flaws of the space. Below are the elements of interior design.


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Space is the foundation of a room which refers to the two-dimensional floor space as well as the three-dimensional volume in a room. There are walls, floors, and ceilings as your boundaries and you need to think not only of length and width but also the height and space. So, space is the concept of positive and negative space. Space will contain furniture or d├ęcor items is called a positive space and anything else is called negative space. Also, there must be a balance between these two for making a room look neither crowded nor empty.


There are three types of lines like horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. Horizontal lines come from tabletops, shelves, or structural beams. If you think of vertical lines, think of pillars or doorways. You can get dynamic lines like arches or cantilevered ceilings. Lines can also be suggested by the raw materials used in buildings like random lines from stones or the sleek lines of steel beams. So, the different architectural styles will use lines for creating something typical like in modern design, vertical and horizontal lines are used more since the structures tend to be boxy and geometric with flat roofs. Lines are ideal for elements of interior design.


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Lighting can make or break a room because of how you can experience the room depends on it. It is also the element that highlights others. Natural light has many benefits for increasing comfort and productivity for putting people in a good mood. So, it is better to have filtered sunlight in this country because of direct sunlight which brings the heat with it.

The above-mentioned types are the best ones to know about the basics of interior design while starting. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about elements of interior design. Thanks for reading!