Famous Old Architecture in The World

Famous Old Architecture in The World

May 20, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Almost all of us are very familiar with the seven wonders of the world, and the reason they called seven wonders of the world is that they are also Marvels of the Architectural world. Only a few of these have been said to be the best, but apart from the seven wonders, there are a few other famous old Architectures as well. Most people are entirely unaware of these ancient architectures. So here is a list of some of the famous old Architectures.

Famous Old Architecture in The World:

Leshan Giant Buddha:

Leshan Giant Buddha is the world’s largest carved stone statue of Buddha. In Sichuan Province of China, where Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers meet, it is carved on the cliff face of the mountain. It is Leshan City’s most significant attraction and faces holy mount Emei. The arm of the 71 meters Buddha statue is 24 meters long, and its fingers are 27 cm. Construction of the high statue of Buddha began by the Tang dynasty in 713, and it took 90 years to complete. A Chinese monk named Haitiong commissioned it.


Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia and a world heritage site in Central Java. The remarkable archaeological wonder was built 400 years before the great Angkor Wat was built in Cambodia. Borobudur is a triangular temple occupying an area of 1900 square meters. The monument features a pyramidal base, a clustered cone structure, and a top-level stupa. The temple also houses 504 statues of Buddha and 72 stupas of the open function. In 1991 Borobudur was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Pont Du Gard:

Pont Du Gard is a three-story aqueduct bridge that stands 50 meters high and tallest, measuring 275 meters in length. The number of arches and spans varies from lower to upper. The bridge was constructed without using mortar out of 50400 tons of limestone. The builders had cut the blocks precisely, so they fit closely together. Historians have noticed numeration on the bridge plates, used by scaffolding builders. The bridge walls had also been decorated by the builders with notes and instructions.


Saksaywaman is an Inca walled fortress situated in the northern Peruvian city of Cusco. The complex is one of the country’s most important archaeological sites. The large monumental complex is situated 3701 meters above sea level and occupies thousands of hectares of land. It is a complex of three tiers, made of large stones.

So, these are a few of the famous old architecture around the world. There are quite a lot of other buildings as well. So, if you want to know anything more about these buildings, then do leave a comment below.