latest Review (2021): Pros & Cons, Speed Test latest Review (2021): Pros & Cons, Speed Test

September 30, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

Hostgator is one of the best sites for hosting services in the world. There are many plans which they provide in affordable rates. It is known for speed and best services. It’s headquarter is in Houston, Texas and it was founded in the year 2002. 

Hostgator has 800,000 customers all over the world. They always try to provide the customers with new plans, innovative services and different discounts and offers. The operation of the company is in 200 countries. It provides services from freelancers to number of big companies. Due to the reseller hosting service the people have become web developers and earn from that only.

The customers of the company are very loyal and are very satisfied also with the services, and also promote it to other people through word of mouth. It focuses on customer service very more, so that the issues of the customers can be solved as soon as possible, and they keep using Hostgator as their preferred hosting website. 

Pros of Hostgator:

  • Total value pricing & Sticker pricing – Hostgator has consistently low renewal pricing, ability to lock in discounts for 3 years, regular promotional pricing, fairly unmetered features on critical plan features. This all pricing offers make it most used site for hosting.
  • Good services and uptime – The service of customer support is just awesome. If you ask them at 2 am also your doubts, they answer within minutes. This makes them better than other hosting websites. The uptime is said to be 99.9% by Hostgator, which is promised by GoDaddy also. 
  • Onboarding, Transfer services and QuickInstall – To start a website they have many features, which make your work easy. You can transfer hosting to the site and start with the setup. If it does not happen, they guarantee to send your money back within 5 days. 

  • cPanel & Software options – cpanel gives support in installation process. If you want word press credentials than you can install word press through cPanel and generate the credentials within minutes. 
  • Clean energy Powered – The energy which it takes to run a website is less compared to other hosting websites. The energy is taken from Texas wind farm. They know how to use the nature in a sustainable way, without polluting it. They are committed to it and follow it also. Investors have belief in them due to their caring nature for the environment. 

Cons of Hostgator:

  • Website Speed – The speed is not very fast as compared to other hosting providers. You may take time to install word press.
  • Rumors – Many people speak bad about the company and its services. In reviews mixed comments come, which may turn to be negative for their brand image.

If overall, we can say that you can choose Hostgator without doubt, as it is the best service provider and is dedicated for their customers. Go on building your website with Hostgator.