Hostgator India Review 2022: Is it Worth it?

Hostgator India Review 2022: Is it Worth it?

September 30, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

Many who have used HostGator India to set up their websites can relate to me. It has been a standard and reliable web host for many years now. HostGator India has stood out always for its loading speed. It’s a great platform to experience close to 280ms speed of load speed and it’s a feasible option for your WordPress Websites and Blogs. Here are a few insights for you to decide if HostGator suits your needs as well.

HostGator – A Brief Introduction

HostGator, founded by Brent Oxley in 2002 has achieved tremendous growth since then. Endurance International Group acquired HostGator in 2012, which also runs Bluehost, another hosting company. HostGator has stayed through all odds since its inception. Its ability to stay ahead in the competition and remain as a popular host even now talks a lot about the services offered and their quality.

Why HostGator India?

With HostGator India, creating your website and seeing it live on the internet has become easier in all these years. Even if you are not a web designer or developer, you can still build your website and easily install WordPress offered by the website builders.

The provider not only helps you in the process of bringing your site online, but it also ensures that your site stays are secure and that they load more quickly. It also is the best option for all the beginners who are building their first website, as choosing the host can either give success or downfall.

This is important as having low loading speed, isn’t reliable in their support and protection from hackers can ruin the website traffic. Thus, HostGator India is best for beginners, as it understands what you will need for your website.


Using the hosting services by HostGator India can be beneficial to you in many ways. It has the fastest server speeds even on your basic plans. It offers to host packages for beginners at a cost even less than a cup of coffee.

The price will increase in time and this won’t affect you at all as you would have gained a lot of profit. The company also offers 24/7 customer support where the representatives solve your issues instantly over the phone but the online chat support is comparatively slow.

And the greatest of all is their unlimited hosting plans i.e., you will enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and databases.


Just like in any other company, the renewal fees increase every year and the free website builder asks for upgrades when you want to build a large site with rich features.

HostGator India also enables you to enjoy special offers when you go for Shared Hosting. They give you an exclusive web hosting package that will cost you just $3 a month and the package includes all the necessities that you will require online, i.e., a domain name for free, web hosting and unlimited email addresses. Summing up, HostGator India is very versatile in its’s hosting and caters to the needs of various website owners.