Open Kitchen Designs in India

Open Kitchen Designs in India

July 26, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

When you are thinking of a home, you start looking around for inspiration where people say that you get a clear idea of what kind of design you are looking for and search for references on websites or blogs. The list of options to choose from is endless and very often what we discover online are decor styles from the west when you are looking for an open kitchen design idea. So, the idea behind an open kitchen is to invite openness to proudly display the design or modern engineering of your kitchen for including the family or guests in food preparation. Below are the open kitchen designs in India.

Open kitchen In Living Room

17 Open Concept Kitchen-Living Room Design Ideas

Open kitchen living room is the new way of constructing the house for avoiding extra space which is used to constructing a separate Kitchen which includes a good amount of money. So, an open-source kitchen in the living room will make it easy for ladies for serving food directly from the kitchen to the dining table.

Small Open kitchen In Hall

For a studio apartment where there is less space available in making a separate kitchen and open kitchen model design will serve well with a simple cooking stove and a few cabinets with a sink. So, a good pattern is available in this type of design if you have a small space for a kitchen in your hall.

Marble Countertop Open Kitchen design

Black cabinet kitchen with white marble countertops make up this ...

Open kitchen designs with a separate cooking stove with an oven on one side and a separate counter table made from the marble on the other side where vegetables, fruits, and other necessities can be kept and chopped too. This type of design is best for open kitchen designs in India.

Nordic Style Influenced Open Kitchen

Scandinavian Designs are very functional and provide a very elegant ambiance. When you think about Nordic-style the color white pop up, but to give a change the kitchen can be designed with dark-colored cabinets with a side counter table which acts as the mini breakfast table.

The above-mentioned types are the best designs to choose for the kitchen. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about open kitchen designs in India. Thanks for reading!