Tips on Creating Architecture Portfolio

Tips on Creating Architecture Portfolio

December 30, 2019 0 By Darjee Kumar

While creating an architecture portfolio, architects will play the role of marketing experts. They need to think about all the elements that go into creating a perfect presentation and figure out how to communicate their value as succinctly and engagingly as possible.  Whether to get architecture jobs with no experience or want to build up your academic and professional career, there are some golden rules for organizing your work to present your skills in the field. Try to keep in mind that best architecture portfolio is the reflection of your character, your attitude, and your view of the world. Below are the tips on creating an architecture portfolio.

Research Potential Employers

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Architecture portfolios are always a work in progress where we constantly update them with new projects, change layouts, and try to strike between great content and stylish presentation. While job-hunting, many architects and young graduates will send out the same version of their portfolio to different firms. You should avoid unless the firms are interested in similar in what they do it and how they do it.

Curate Content

A great architecture portfolio is all about quality not about the quantity. If you have a handful of multifamily residential buildings in your portfolio then you need not show all of them. If you are applying for a multidisciplinary, experimental studio and have little professional experience then feel free to include some of your work from school.  This will not go well with large firms that are looking for experienced architects and project leaders.

Layout and Text

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We have all seen architecture portfolios cluttered with projects bombarding the viewer from one page to the next. Most of the designers are similar, all presented using similar methods like the exploded axonometric views, plans, and 3D models. So, each project should have its own story which should be told through as little visual content as possible.

Print and Digital

 You will have two versions of your architecture portfolio an online version and in print. Most application processes start with sending an online portfolio usually in PDF format.  So, the digital version will include the amount of work you can include in a file due to its size.

The above-mentioned methods are the best architecture portfolio to create for trying in any organization for a job. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about tips on creating an architecture portfolio. Thanks for reading!