What factors need to be considered while choosing a domain name?

What factors need to be considered while choosing a domain name?

November 8, 2020 0 By Darjee Kumar

Domain names are the unique and human recognizable internet addresses of various websites which are constructed in such a way that they consist of top-level domain which is also known as extension or domain suffix, a domain name or the IP address and an optional subdomain. Different domains are known for their own sets of advantages, features and disadvantages. The proper combo of the domain name and top-level domain is known as a root domain. There are some instructions which you need to follow when you choose a domain name.

A domain name will be the address of your site which the other users will type in the URL bar of the browser that they are using when they wish to visit that site. Domain name will help the computers to find the server where the site is being hosted and it will help in extracting the files related to the site. Top level domain is the formal term that appears at the end of a domain name. These include .com, .net, .org and .edu.

A good domain name will help in creating a long-lasting impression of your website. It will help your site to stand strong amongst other websites online and will stay memorable in the minds of the users. It will help in enhancing your brand value and increases your business’s recognition in the market. Also, it will eventually improve website’s SEO with a good domain name.

Always choose the domain names which are short, easily memorable, easy to say and easy to type. This point is always beneficial when it comes to mouth-advertising as you can’t speak out complicated terms fluently. An easy domain name will also be easy to think about and we can even pronounce it better while talking about it. The price of these domain names must be considered properly before you select a domain name for your website.

Choose the domain names which doesn’t involve hyphens. Hyphens can correlate with spammy behaviour and also reduces its readability. It also decreases the chances of memorizing it for a long time and for this reason, domain names with not more than one hyphen can be chosen.

A webmaster might feel the need to shift from one domain to another. This involves looking into various important factors which involves page to page redirection and redirecting content pages to new domain. All these issues must be taken care of while changing your domain from one to another.